Seamless Innovation

This spring trend is anything but seamless, it’s built with many ways to wear technology and carries activewear influences. It balances itself with a sporty edge and utilitarian softness, with a military vibe. Some examples of that carry these stylish features are a sleaveless military-like trench coat, parkas, elastic waist-band burmuda shorts, and a jumpsuit.

You can find these items in almost limited colors such as aqua, orange, and yellow that play as accents with navy, olive, and grey as base colors. They go great with teva sandals, visors, and stirrup socks. You’ll enjoy this trend with buckles, straps and zippers in army surplus, linen, and cotton twill. What a unique way to dress this time of year. If you like nuetral colors and something that doesn’t look like anything you wore last season, its time to be daring and make some seamless innovations for yourself.