Gen-U, the first unique example I mentioned in my last blog about four staple trends this spring. To recap, it represents being bold, daring, young and creating your own destiny. This trend carries an urban spirit with it’s shiny, futuristic looks. With that said, let’s get into the major details.

Colors are bright yellow, red, magenta, aqua,  pink, and purple. The materials that carry these colors are holographic, jersey, mesh, and fleece. Rounded shape silhouettes are essential as well as utilizing details such as zippers in the front, hoods, pockets, and buckles. To name some key examples of clothing items are the wrap miniskirt, basketball shorts, mid-drift, cropped and elongated T-shirts, jogger sweatpants, The parka, and The bomber jacket.

If these items, colors, and materials are your flavor, you’re in luck this season. Get a taste of it now, they’re hitting stores as you read this.