Four Amazing Trends this Spring

With every new season comes new materials, outfit ideas, colors, and themes. I’ve discovered four trends for spring 2016 that carry new these elements into the new season. The first trend, Gen-U, speaks to today’s millennials who are independent and want to create their own destiny. They are a product of their own environment; young, flavorful, and colorful with a deep involvement in the digital world that surrounds them.

Seamless Innovation, the second trend, is all about activewear that is great for those with an active lifestyle, and helps push them to make better people of themselves, inside and out. Silk and nylon are two of the most common materials used for this trend. It is designed to help many obtain self awareness through constant new ideas, and energy, creating a new level of activity. This would result in good mental health of what one should do to create physical health by utilizing the many elements of their world.

Alive, is a trend that all about being a joyful, free spirit. With an organic touch, plant textures, flowers, and many other earthen surfaces, are the inspiration for this trend. It brings us back to ourselves and let’s us just enjoy the fresh air and open our eyes to the true beauty of Mother Nature.

This last trend is for those who carry a bohemian spirit. Its all about traveling the world for inspiration and by being a apart of nothing and everything all at once. The 1960’s free spirit and appreciation for craftsmanship, is what pieces together Global Commune, a trend full of blue hues, traveled apon materials, and many patterns.

Wow, these trends are pretty neat. But this isn’t the end, in my next blogs I’ll be going into detail with many outfit ideas, of course. The first two seem to have a theme of the latest health and technology trends, while the last two are about getting back to Mother Nature and the basics of what designed our world to begin with, before technology came.