Drinking and Dressing

Its almost 2016; where has the time gone? Don’t waste one second and take advantage of your creative side when it comes to what you’ll where this New Year’s Eve. Drinks and dressing up are always a part of a party, so why not coordinate your outfit with what your drinking. It’s like creating a new you for the new year, this will just be your first outfit for doing so. Just remember to dress and drink responsibly now, even though I know this is probably going to be a lot of fun. There are so many different types of you amazing women out there, so let’s see the different outfits in the running for you to wear.

First things first, Champagne; the classic drink that gives a classy feel, so why not wear something with brilliant class such as a gold clutch, gold heals, with a black, smooth one piece outfit that has a deep v neck line to show a little skin, as either a dress or one piece suit.

Craft beer is the ultamite countryside, relaxing drink. But hey you’re going out so if your style of flannel goes along with that beer go ahead and wear what you want. Make  it dressy with a fringe skirt perhaps and laced up pumps.

Margaritas are my personal favorite and would go amazingly with a dressy, casual long red dress, red sandals, and a bag that resembles a sombrero with its materials and patterns. Just don’t forget gold bracelets and earrings.

A black tunic dress, long gold earrings and some semi causal black shoes would go perfect with whiskey. I would say you’re brave if that’s your drink of choice but will be looking awesome with this outfit. Choose wisely and don’t be afraid to mix up any of these styles a bit! But please be sure to drink, dress, and drive safely and have the time of your chic, stylish life!