Hats, Hats, and More Hats

This Winter 2015 season I’ve talked about some chic and stylish coats and sunglasses, but lets not forget about hats to complete the cold-weather look. I’ve come across some adorable and unique styles that may  tickle your fancy!

Winter hats are one of the pieces that spices up a winter look to keep you feeling warm and cozy, especially, fur hats. This luxurious and feminine look comes in lovely burning and bright oranges and yellows. What a way to brighten up your winter blues! Another warm and cozy style, that is constantly on the runways is the knitted hat, perfect for those with oval faces and are quite popular in stripes and leopard patterns.

A style for those of any face shape and height is the beret, which brings a french elegance, made of two different looks; sparkles, great for the flashy divas, and smooth & classic for the ladies who prefer the original black or brown. Another hat that carries variety is the cap, suitable for those who prefer a more casual or sporty look.

There are caps out there made of snake skin and other catchy tones, which keep you warm, as they have a rounded top part, and the cap going below the eyebrow line. There are more classics such as the over-sized bowler hat, Amish style hats, and fedoras. There is only one more accessory to complete the winter look, and that is hand-warmers and gloves. Stay on the look out for  information on those trends as well.

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