The Bright Side of Winter

Just because winter is around the corner, doesn’t mean the sun goes into hibernation too! So, we’re still going to need some stylish sunglasses to keep our eyes protected right? There are a few sunglasses trends that I’d like to mention that will be the best picks to go with your warm weather outfits.

The first to mention is making a bold statement with floral appliques and studs. These glasses require no effort as they speak for themselves with the message that you’re ‘too cool for school.’¬†Colorful/mirrored sunglasses

are off the charts on the cool scale, turning every head even when wearing the most basic outfits. They’re able to hide tired eyes with their reflective nature, even if you’re feeling unmotivated from a long day at work or with the kids, no one would even guess that with these glasses on.

A bit more of an edgy look is the flat top/square style. They’re edgy with a mix of aviators and over-sized frames. Something else a bit edgy and retro at the same time is the round/retro style; to match the resurgence of the flared jeans and throwback fashion, (which is my next blog topic).

If you’re not really into the whole retro trend, whatever you’re wearing can become the most sophisticated, glamorous outfit, just by putting this next style, the cat eye look on those eyes. It’s edgy and flirtatious all at once, giving us a chance to be sassy and confident.





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