Fall Fashion Police

So I’ve been telling you about a lot of the fall fashion from 70’s fringe to the two purse trend; but don’t forget, the fashion police are always around the corner with looking for items that are no-no’s to help keep you up to date!

The first broken fashion rule I’d like to mention is an open sweater on top of another over the head sweater. This combination is way too bulky and makes you too warm when inside. Just try a jacket over your first sweater and you’ll be warm, I garantee. Another no-no is avoid wearing your skinny jeans cuffed along with your leg warmer socks and boots. One or the other is best, it just makes things too complicated!

I have seen small belts that go over bulky coats and sweaters! Now I know the look you’re going for ladies, but a thick belt around a thinner sweater is much better for your lovely silhouettes. Now here’s a little twist, I always hear of people saying that black and brown can’t go together, but now they can! Don’t be afraid to wear those cute brown boots with your favorite black leggings or pants. Come on, it’s fall 2015!