A Few Halloween Tidbits

halloweenThis is very random, but I have one question in mind today: are tidbits some kind of candy? I’m not sure myself, and to be honest I really don’t know what the latest and greatest candy and costumes are these days for kids. But I do know a few ‘fashion tidbits’ for you ladies out there for this year’s spooky Halloween parties with friends and family. If you want to dress comfortably and still be fashion forward, there are a few chic costumes besides the classic idea of dressing like a “clown” or wearing an extremely short dress. 

catdfFirst up to mention is Catwoman; a classic costume that has been around for many years. Here is what you need: a little black mask for the eyes, leather leggings and jacket, tall black boots, and black ears. Comfortable and sleek! Add a belt around the waist for “weapons” if you want to add more to the look.

sex-and-the-city-movie-all-girls-01If you’re going out with your group of friends, give Hollywood a try by dressing up as a group of girls from a movie or show. A couple ideas are Sex and the City, Girls, and Mean Girls. All of these groups, especially Sex and the City, dress pretty stylish and that’s all you guys will have to do. Make sure you stick together!

As we’re on the subject of celebs, TMZ.com has an article on Victoria Beckham as a ‘Corpse Bride’ because of her dark, smoky makeup. Her look overall is as if her face in sunken in, looking a bit scary. Poor Victoria, but good news for you as you can make this a quick and easy costume this Halloween. All you need besides the makeup is a black dress!