Sneak Peak into Fall 2015

I absolutely adore wearing scarves, boots, hats, and watching the beautiful foliage, who else is with me? If you are, keep reading to find out how you can turn over your new leaf and join the fashion fun this fall 2015 season. To start, one of the main points in this blog is the over-sized, extra pointy collars, whether worn under a sweater or as a necklace. If you’re going to a dressy event this season, dresses with big collars are in too!

While dressing up this season, don’t forget to keep yourself warm! Pants worn under dresses are OK, you can contrast the colors or match perfectly. Either way, this is a unique trend that leaves room for many options; bring a shirt with you if you want to change towards the end of the day. Flats and boots with varying lengths of fur are here to help keep you warm too. 

Keep an eye out for some extraordinary boots that are perfect for cropped pants and skirts; mid-calf boots with chunky heels. Chunky, giant pockets have been seen on the runways on pencil skirts. They’re great for a brand new look and a way to carry more essential items with you when needed. These trends are emerging as fast as the leaves are turning so stayed tuned for more!