The Trench Coat

Ever since Audrey Hepburn made the trench coat a staple item back in ‘the day’, it has become a must-have within the working wardrobe. On those busy mornings before work, just throw it on for an instant pizzazz that sends you out the door in style.

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath, as it makes a great first impression with you looking classy and put together. A cute addition is a dress hanging out from the bottom! It shows a sneak-peak of the fabulous outfit worn beneath. Or wear it open for a unique yet easygoing look.

Whether it’s worn with strong leather shoes, known as brogues or tall boots, your outfit will be complete. An easy addition is a belt, and there are many that already come with one. An exciting look, actually my favorite, is a thin scarf tucked underneath the belt with matching shoes. Jeans, dress pants, heels, matching hats or purses are also some great additions to think about.

No matter what coat length you prefer, from down-to-the-floor, right up to the hips, you’ll always feel warm on those chilly fall days. Just don’t forget that umbrella so the rain doesn’t drench that trench!

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