Old Jeans and Tee Shirts

We all have those old faded jeans and tee’s laying around, so why not make something fun out of them? All you need is a pair of scissors to turn a tee-shirt into, say, an infinity scarf! How, you might ask, just go by the following easy steps.First cut the seem off the bottom of the tee shirt. Second, at the underarm, cut straight across. Take the cut off part of the shirt and stretch it out as much as possible.

If you want to add some pizzazz to your scarf, slice the bottom for a fringe look or the entire thing and tie at the end. You can twist in different colors, add lace, flower pins, and even braided strands in the mix. Enjoy and let them compliment your fall and winter outfits.

Now to change those old jeans into something useful such as a new bag, all you’ll need is scissors, a sewing needle, thread, and another old shirt. First cut the pants legs off your jeans and turn the new piece inside out. Next sew the edge of the denim together then flip it inside out once again. Take one of the pant legs and cut out a rectangle that is a little longer or shorter than you want your bag handle to be. Or if you have one, use an old belt as the handle.

For the last step, fold the cut piece from your pant leg so that the edges of it meet in the middle, one overlapping the other. Now sew the ends shut. Lastly, sew the edges of the handle to the inside sides of the bag and you’re finished. With your tee-shirt add some color inside of it to make it unique with a pattern or bright color! So there you have it, a free infinity scarf made from your old tee-shirt with a dainty denim bag to carry all your new favorite items in!