The 2014 Fashion Trends we’re Leaving Behind

Happy New Year! (

It happens every year, there comes along a fashion trend that we absolutely fall in love with, buy it, and wear almost every day, because we want to stay in style. We see it everywhere we go, even on our favorite celebs. Sounds like these trends get a little worn out, right? Well, let’s find out what these trends are because its time to start saying goodbye to them and hello to a new year of new fashion trends.

Overalls, what a fun and easy look! Pair them with



your favorite tee and flats and you’re ready to head out the door. At least they were, but that’s so last year! This look is ready to head out the door for good. If you noticed your pair is fading, that’s OK, so is the trend completely.

Reflective Sunglasses (

Reflective Sunglasses (

Another easy to wear trend, reflective sunglasses hit hard this year in the music festival route, so trying a classical pair of round sunglasses may spice up the look and give it a little twist and flare. At least these glasses weren’t known as something “ugly”. The “ugly, chunky” shoe trend is hopefully staying in the past where it belongs. Its time to buy shoes that would consider pretty, its logical and good for your wallet. Let’s not waste any more money or time on trends that were known as ‘hideous’.

Crop Tops (

Crop tops were the biggest trend of 2014. They were seen everywhere on the red carpet and you could always count on finding them on at least a couple racks in any store. Perhaps a different shirt length trend will switch things up a bit for this adorable, yet overplayed look.

Plaid Shirt Around Waist (

Another shirt trend, the 90’s look known as tying a plaid shirt around the waist is coming to a halt. We thought it did about 20 years ago, but nope, it was too cute to pass up. But for New Year’s sake, try this 90’s trend: a sweater tied around the shoulders.

If you did not notice, the 90’s actually took over everything, including make-up and hair. Maybe we should concentrate on a new century, the 70’s bohemian vibe or the totally rad 80’s? Only 2015 will tell!