Winter Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

This Winter Season (

This Winter Season (

I’ve talked about winter fashion so here are some main do’s and don’ts to follow when rocking those styles. Do where colors! Black will only make you appear as though you’re just piling on clothing instead of accessorizing. Don’t over-do it though. Wearing a scarf, gloves, leg warmers, earmuffs, and a puffy jacket is just going to make you look more full and uncomfortable.

Find a way to feel great and be warm at the same time. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear more than one accessory at the same time, obviously wear as much as you need to be warm, just not every single piece you own all at once. A great example is arm warmers, leg warmers, a hat, and tall boots with your jacket, a look that is warm, stylish, and not too full.

While its a good idea to put colors into your accessories, also put them into your jackets, such as a

Colorful Leather Jackets (

red or blue leather jacket. Do pair a sweatshirt under a leather jacket for warmth, one of the hottest looks this season.

Don’t think you can’t wear your Summer items

Maxi Skirt (

anymore! Use a maxi skirt or dress to pair with some ankle boots and a sweater to go under your jacket. Don’t retire your white after labor day.

White Outfit (

Yes, I did say colorful items should be worn, but white is huge this season as well and all over the runway in accessories, boots, sweaters, and jackets.