Don’t be Afraid to Splurge

While its definitely great to shop and save money on clothes and accessories, sometimes splurging is worth more than you may realize. There are items that we want and some that we need, but no matter what the purpose is of your splurge, you may be getting more years and wear than you could by getting something that’s not so durable.

A pair of patent heels is a great investment. Go ahead and splurge on a pair for yourself, even if its just one pair of black that would match everything. They can be used for several occasions such as weddings, interviews, dances, or a night out on the town. They really touch up an outfit with by adding class or spicing it up a bit! So, why not? And why not find a great dress to go with them, the printed cocktail dress. Polka-dots and florals are great examples. These dresses are an amazing classic and bold enough to make a statement. The comfort and wow factor you get from these dresses and heels are totally worth the money.

A watch is the most practical piece of jewelry, it adds sophistication and is something you’ll keep for years to come. Another item practical enough to keep for years is the ballet flat. Its a staple item for any type of outfit with endless comfort. You’ll wear them more than your heels so carefully shop for them and find the best kind that will last through anything you walk through in your busy life.

Blue jeans, great with ballet flats, can be amazing if you find the right brand. Some may think jeans are just jeans, but they are so much more than that. They create an endless amount of outfits, dressy and casual. The variety they bring to your wardrobe with your heels, flats, accessories, and tops proves their worth. Buying high-end jeans will save you money in the end because a good brand will not rip or tear and cause you to spend over and over again on a new pair every month.

Now we all know clutches and handbags are essential for carrying all belongings we need to get through the day, so why not get one that is durable. Try a neutral colored clutch to go with any dressy outfit. Bags with short length straps and crossbodys really add the style we want to carry along with our outfit, whether we’re wearing a casual denim outfit or dressing it up. We don’t want something that isn’t going to rip. Trying out the splurging thing at least once will give us more days of comfort in knowing our products will last the as long as we need them to.