How to Dress the Oval Body Shape

Oval Body Shape (

The oval body shape consists of a large bust, narrow hips, and a full midsection. When it comes to the lower part of the body, you may have somewhat flat buttocks and slender, shapely legs. Does the oval body shape sound like you? If so, keep on reading to find out what fashion tips to follow that help flatter your shape the best way possible.

To start, you want to create a more defined waist by

Tops that flare (

wearing tops with flare at the hips, and by wearing waistline belts. V and U shaped necklines are best for tops, especially with long necklaces and scarves to give an illusion if an elongated body. Bold and bulky necklaces are ok to draw attention to your upper-body. Be sure to wear darker colors and vertical seams and stripes. Something fun to try is wrap tops and jackets that will fit around your body with ease.Jackets with big pockets and a deep neckline help create lovely, curvy hips.

Pants with waistband (

When it comes to pants, try wide waist bands and full, wide legs to keep you

comfortable and balance out your bottom half with the top half of your body. Full and flowy skirts and anything with embellished pockets are great to emphasis the buttocks and hips.

Some things to avoid are tucking in your tops, as this can add an illusion of

Full Skirts (

Full Skirts (

bulkiness. Don’t wear ruffles, pleats, or any extra material around the waistline. The fact that you are already beautiful is no illusion, and keeping these tips in mind will help create the best you possible!