Color ideas for winter

When you think of winter, you think of being surrounded by white snow and gloomy grey skies, right? Well, some good news; when it comes to fashion, that’s where we can mix things up and add

Bright Berry Color (

a splash of color to our lives! The first color, which is also a great drink on a snowy winter night, is bright berry Sangria. Wear it as a lighter scarf, hat, or ear muffs, you’ll be sure to stick out among the crowd.

The next color to mention is not a surprise. Aurora red, a color

Aurora Red (

perfect for the holidays. Here’s a classy and fun idea, wear it as a shiny dress with black heels and black clutch to keep the red radiant and you standing out from the crowd.

Muave Mist (

Mauve Mist, a unique, light purple is great for this season. Wear it to soften up an outfit away from fall’s darker browns and orange.  Royal blue, a big step away from anything soft, is great when you want to stand out at the work Christmas party or seeing your family for the first time in – well since last winter. You’ll stand out above the rest in a royal blue dress or

Royal Blue Color (

even a pants suit when you pair it with red heels.

Misted Yellow (

Misted Yellow (

Misted yellow is the best choice to brighten up those winter blues. It’s a rare and elegant color, but bold enough to bring you cheer for the holidays. I hope  these current winter color trends bring cheer and a more unique wardrobe for the cold and dark weather ahead.