Accessory Trends to keep in Mind for Winter

Arm Warmers (

As winter approaches there are always new things to witness, snowfall, bare trees, and the most noticeable, the steep drop in temperature. That’s when its time to bundle up and sometimes we may feel so bundled that we can barely move. Now, that just sounds miserable! But there some cute accessories to save you and keep you warm this without the hassle.

The first I’ll mention is the arm warmer; knitted finger-less gloves

Elongated Gloves (

that go past your wrist and up to your elbow. They aren’t bulky and enable you to move your hands around while keeping not only your hands warm, but also your arms. But if you’re worried about your fingers getting cold on those unbearable, frigid days then the elongated gloves with regular fit on your entire hand are the way to go.

Leg Warmers (

Some days you might just want to wear leggings and boots. Leggings are the warmest choice for the winter but if you love them,  leg warmers are a great thing to invest in. Some come with lace at the top, bows, solids, and patterns. Just slide them right on before you put on your boots and you are good to go with an extra layer of warmth without having to wear a completely different bottom. Leggings it is!

Now I’ll move on to a must-have item in the winter, the scarf of course. A twist on the classic scarf that we just wrap around our necks is the bow scarf. They add a unique dimension to winter outfits and stand above the rest by giving you a new and exciting look. You can wear them in the front or on the side, either way it will look great.

We’ve got the legs, hands and neck covered, but the ears and

Oversized Slouchy Beanie (

head still need some help! So with that, I have found a hip look to try, the slouchy beanie. It’s easy and adorable while giving you that easygoing experience.  Well, hopefully all of these accessory ideas give you a warm and fuzzy feeling this coming winter.