Tall Boot Trends that will Keep you Warm and In-style

So I’ve already talked about options for ankle boots that are cute and stylish, but we still need options to keep us warm, right? That’s where the knee high boots come in to play! Or should I say, out to play in this lovely fall, almost winter weather!

For starters, there is the wild Wild West boot. A suede, cowboy inspired look that is comfortable with

Suede Cowboy Inspired (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/354447433146276879/)

a bit of a heel. They’re great worn with jeans or a maxi dress. Another great suede style is a simple, classic black boot that can match any colors and dress up your outfit if need be. Black ones with tassels on the zipper add some excitement to the simple black leather boot but isn’t too distracting, the perfect balance!

Lace up boots (www.polyvore.com)

The tall lace up is worn great with your winter shorts or miniskirt! They put a little kick into your step so watch out; you may start to live this fall season on the edge with this chic and sleek look. A chunky, also sleek, cream colored heel is simple and beautiful. It will go great with any pastel colors you have for the season.

A preppy, put-together loafer look combines with a heel and laces as a tall, lustrous boot.  They’re standard enough for a work outfit, but even better for going out with some skinny jeans and a fall jacket to conveniently switch from work to

Two tone boots(plumgirlsadventures.wordpress.com)

play! Two-toned boots are fun too. Why choose between black and grey, or brown when you can just wear both at once. This style really dresses up a simple pair of jeans and a sweater. A pair of blue suede boots is perfect if you want to add a splash of color without going too crazy, such as sparkles or bright pink.

Hopefully these tall boot options work well for you. The best part about them is they keep the cold air from getting to your legs while being versatile and fun!