A Few New Fall Trends to catch up on

Wool Sweater (inofashion.com)

Here are a few trends to keep in mind this Fall 2014 season. Wool and fleece are definitely in and will definitely keep you nice and warm as the nights get colder. These furs on your bags and boots

are great too. Knit sweaters and pants are in as well, so be on the lookout for them in every fall color. Animal prints on

Knit Pants (lyst.com)

accessories, jackets, and shoes will be around to spice things up with a little roar. Animal prints on sweater dresses, which are big this season, should definitely be in your closet.

Sweater dresses with any pattern and color are great with scarves, tall boots, ankle boots, and oversized jackets. Oversized jackets are easygoing, flowy

Oversized Jacket (Catwalking.com)

jackets that have sleeves that are too long and they almost come down to your knees. They are fun

Sweater Dresses (fashionattractive.com)

Sweater Dresses (fashionattractive.com)

and fluffy and may even come in wool or fleece! Well, that’s the trend talk for now, stay tuned for more up to date trends and fashion forward looks for this season.