The hottest Summer sunglasses Trends

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With that bright, hot sun beaming down all summer long, sunglasses become a part of your wardrobe and there is no limit to just one style. Here are a few of the latest sunglasses trends to try this summer. The cat eye silhouette is one that has been popular on and off since the 1950’s. For

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summer 2014, designers have brought this look back as one of the most popular trends. Some versions are squarer while others are thicker around the edges with a more subtle point on the corners.

Try round sunglasses with either black or brown lenses with thicker lined lenses. They are gaining more and more popularity on the runways. Wayfarer sunglasses, the top choice for celebrities Jessica Biel and Selena Gomez, keeping the over-sized sunglasses trend in check, come in

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patterns, neon, and plain black as well if you want to keep it simple. The biggest trend out there is the wooden frames. They are inspired by the surfer look and

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have  a uniqueness to them that no other sunglasses do. No one would expect wooden frames as opposed to the traditional metal or plastic!

Going to a not so traditional pair of sunglasses, geometrical shapes are part of this summer trends to really spice up your outfits with a retro look. Some looks are octagon, sharper cat eye, and more of a square shape. All of these shapes and colors create a huge variety for you to try all summer long. They allow you to complete your outfit and create your own individual look that make you, well, you!