Jeans, Jeans, and more Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is not an easy thing. Having a positive mindset will help you find styles that benefit you. Try a store you’ve had luck in before because they’ll most likely have similar styles that have worked for you in the past. Have fun with them and get some accessories too! If you want to keep it simple, there’s nothing wrong with that, go with whatever works with your unique style that is good for you and only you. Here are a few pointers and quick tips on the lovely denim pants.

The most important thing to do is try on a size bigger and a size smaller. Even if you have to go a couple sizes up, don’t fret, size is only a number and not all clothing lines design jeans the same, always remember that! Be sure to try as many jeans as possible. If you only bring a couple pairs to the fitting room, you will be limiting yourself to the possibility of styles that may work right for you.

Different Styles (

Different styles to test out are skinny, boot cut, low rise slim leg, flare, and skinny. They shouldn’t fit loose in your bottom, groin, and hip area. This makes it impossible for the jeans to cling just right to your body (not too much of course) and show off that wonderful figure! If they cover at least half your ankle, they are the perfect length. You don’t want your jeans to be skin tight, no matter how good they look. When you bend over to pick something up and have to pull them up constantly, this means they don’t fit you the way they should. The only exception is the low rise style.

With every style, there should be a little room in the waist so you aren’t creating a muffin top. Create a closet full of jeans that are right for you because they are the most versatile staple item of clothing that is able to expand your wardrobe.

Outfit Ideas (

You can wear boots, heels, sneakers, sandals, flip flops, flats, tee-shirts, flannels, sweatshirts, casual shirts, dress jackets and much more. As I mentioned before, don’t forget to accessorize. There is no limit as to what style purse, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and scarves you can add. Now that’s a lot of variety! What would we do without jeans? Well, we would definitely be limited on outfit ideas. So, go on, try on those jeans, have fun with accessories and fill up that closet!