Tips for the Unique Hourglass Body Type

The Hourglass Body Shape (

Here is another body shape guide for the Hourglass women out there. If you have an Hourglass body shape you generally go in at the middle and have a full bust with a smaller, defined waist as well as full, shapely, legs. The hips and bust are about the same size. When it comes to dressing this body shape, its all about emphasis with clothes that hug you just right.

Curves may seem hard to dress, but they really aren’t with the right style and material. With an Hourglass shape you can wear any color you desire, with soft, fitted fabrics, as long as you avoid bows, ruffles, and anything similar that would add bulk rather than accentuate your shape.

Belts with your tops and wrap tops are great because they highlight

the waistline. Be sure to wear crew necks and v necks as they look great with your bust. High necklines draw attention away from your beautiful waistline.

For pants, the flared, skinny, and wide leg style work just fine. If your legs are more on the slender side try slim or straight-leg.  Wear pants with back pockets if you want to slenderize your bottom at

Pants for hourglass shape

all. We now know what is good for your legs and bottom when it comes to pants, so for the waist, be sure to have the high-waist bottoms, in both denim or dressy.Here is a boot-cut, wide-leg, and straight-leg styled pants.

Shown in the image below, these pants are all  great for Hourglass figured ladies who normally have wider legs. The boot-cut makes the bottom half of the body

Swimsuits for hourglass shape (

proportionate with the top. Straight-leg is great, as well as slim leg if your legs are on the slimmer side.

When it comes to swimsuits, tops and bottoms for two pieces should match in color. Strapless and bandeau tops are great for your bust. If wearing a one-piece, wear a good balance of material and embellishments to avoid bulkiness that would hide your figure.