The Amazing Apple Body Shape

I am going to post a blog for every body type and the first one is Apple! Keep reading to find out what is considered an Apple-shape body type and tips on how to dress if that is you. Anyone who is Apple-shaped has a medium to large bust, a flat bottom, no defined waist, a wide torso, and most of their weight is in the middle (belly), with thinner arms, legs, and hips.

Apple Shape

Apple Shape

This is one of the most difficult shapes to dress but there are plenty of tricks to create the illusion of a waist using ruching (bunching up of material), bright colors, designs, and embroidery in shirts along the belly area. Jackets, as long as they can close and fit your shoulders, shirts, and sweaters with v-shaped necks help define your waistline. Also stick with plunging neck-lines, scoop necks, and strapless tops to elongate the top half of your body. Avoid high necklines as they will draw attention your chest.

Pants, flared or boot cut, should be high rise and not too tight, to create a nice silhouette. No clothing an Apple-shaped woman wears should be too tight or have thick material either. Zippers on the side are good to have so that you aren’t creating any bumps on the tummy. Avoid leggings and skinny jeans because they will make your legs appear shorter. For dresses, make sure the waistline in the material starts right below the bust. This will help expand your waist.

Any pleating on skirts should start right below the belly to avoid creating more volume in that area. For shoes, avoid anything big and tall, such as boots, this will make your legs look smaller, drawing more attention to your upper half. Wear strappy sandals, flats, platforms with a pair of shorts that have a high waist line, to avoid muffin tops and shorter looking legs. If the Apple-shaped body type sounds like you, these basic guidelines should help you in feeling beautiful, no matter what.