Five great colors for summer 2014

This summer is full of unique colors to help fill your wardrobe with movement and radiance. Here is a little guide to 5 amazing colors that will not only make you look radiant but feel it too!

Cayenne, the first to mention is an extreme orange with a bit of fire and spice mixed in. This color is good for accessories and wearing with neutrals such as khaki and sand. Its brightness adds intensity and looks great with white and bright blues.

Cayenne (


A bright blue color this season, used by many designers, is called Dazzling Blue, great for shorts and shoes. Though blue is typical in many summer seasons, Dazzling Blue is a bold statement being one shade brighter than navy blue and mixing well with any bright color you wear.

Dazzling Blue (

Sand, a variation of beige, adds a certain calming effect to any bright shade. Beige shoes are especially good to wear, allowing you to wear any color you want as your top, bottom, or dress!

Sand colored shorts (

Paloma, another soft neutral, is great to wear with any color you want. It’s a variation of grey and can be worn to express confidence and structure. Many designers have used these two colors to allow room for a variety of brights to come together, acting a background or base, in shirts, bottoms, and shoes.

Paloma (

A beautiful, glowing yellow color, Freesia is always great to wear on the beach or for a night out. Wear it with neutrals and other bright colors for a brilliant effect in the summer sun.


Freesia (