Checking In: The Anti-Chris (Double IPA)

With the North Shore Brewers Competition less than a month away, I will be bottling my double IPA The Anti-Chris this weekend. I dry hopped the crap out of this beer. Not wanting any of the hop material to clog my siphon or make it into any of my bottles I used muslin bags for both of my dry hop additions.

I barely fit the first hop addition into my carboy. The hops kept bunching up inside the bag but I eventually made it work.

First dry hop addition 14 days. 
My second dry hop addition was even larger. Additionally when the shop was out of Citra hop pellets I had to buy two ounces of Citra hop leafs which take up even more room. The second time around I bought a larger muslin bag. A big enough bag to hold several pounds of steeping grain for an extract batch. I also put a couple of metal screwdriver bits into the bag to make sure the entire thing didn’t float at the surface. The idea is to have as much of the hop material in contact with the beer as possible. 
Again I had a heck of a time jamming that bag in there, but eventually it worked
My second dry hop addition

I managed to squeeze all of this in there.

Both bags are in the carboy. 

The volume of the second dry hop addition displaced so much room inside the carboy that it pushed beer to almost the very top. Then the hops started to swell as they absorbed the beer. This pushed beer up through my airlock. I actually had to set up a blow-off tube to channel the beer away.

If beer is being pushed out of my carboy, I’d prefer
it not be onto the floor. 

Moving and lifting this thing on Sunday should be interesting. Not having to unclog my sipohon and bottling wand multiple times will make it worth it.

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