Grilling and brewing, a match made in heaven

This weekend I was lucky enough to win this awesome Samuel Adams Weber charcoal grill.

Grilling and brewing really are two activities that go hand-in-hand. If you are a serious cook or grill master chances are you are particular about your food. Similarly, if you brew you are particular about the beer you drink. There is certainly overlap between the hobbies of grilling and brewing. The Meat Smoking, Curing and Sausage Making thread on Homebrewtalk is very active.

I remember we had a charcoal grill when I was very young before my dad upgraded to gas. Gas is certainly quicker and easier, but you can’t match the flavor of charcoal. I know enough about grilling to know that a Weber invented the modern grill and is still the Cadillac of grills.

After I picked up the grill at Henry’s I spent a good part of my Sunday afternoon watching Youtube videos about grilling. I learned how to start the coals without lighter fluid, the difference between direct and indirect heating, how to grill and smoke different types of food, and how to clean and care for the grill. It is similar to the wormhole I fell into when we first started brewing.

Living in an apartment without access to a yard, my grilling misadventures will have to wait until we move. Apartment living suited me perfectly well for a long time. It’s cheaper and certainly less aggravating. I liked having bars and restaurants within walking distance. Now that I’m more into brewing and (hopefully) grilling than going out, I’d like to move at some point.

Jennie owns the kitchen, and barely puts up with me using it to brew. It would be nice to have my own space to cook. When it’s made right, a fresh burger off the grill might be my favorite food. Adding some homebrew to the drip tray during indirect heating will certainly give your food a little something extra. A brew day with fresh food off the grill, what’s better than that?

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