Beer Inspiration in our Backyard: Gentile Brewing Company

In the past couple of months I have brewed a couple of big beers: Banshee Breakfast Stout and Pyrite Pistol. I also brewed my first sour beer, Dawson’s Kriek. I am very excited about these beers. I look forward to cellaring them for months and years to come. What I am missing, are the more sessionable type of beers I typically brew.

My latest batch of Curly’s Milk Stout is just about ready. It is my flagship, but I don’t drink it every day like Jim Koch drinks Boston Lager. I am starting to think the beer is a little too heavy, and I might tweak the recipe further before my next brew day. After tasting BeerSmith’s Dry Irish Stout on bottling day I think that beer is going to be outstanding, and it is as simple as anything I have ever done. Lately I have found myself craving simpler beers.

The Celebration Clone and Pa’s Lager were gone in a couple of sessions. I have already drank all of the Misplaced Bitterness; it was only a one gallon batch and that was always going to be a one-off brew. Trans-Atlantic Ale will also more than likely be a one-off. I want to get back to perfecting a house pale ale recipe. Something I can go to if I just want to have a beer and not fuss over it.

Gentile Brewing is having their Grand Opening on May 4. If you stop in around 6:00 p.m., you will likely see me there. Jennie and I tried their Blonde and Porter last night at A&B Burger, and both were very, very good. Both beers had a very nice restrained nutty malt, yes malt, flavor. Paul Gentile told me that he used a light English base malt, lighter than Maris Otter, and a touch of dark caramel malt. Both were medium-bodied and eminently drinkable. We didn’t stick around long enough for them to tap the IPA and Stout. Those will be the first beers I try at their tasting room.

Having a brewery in town where I can stop in, grab a growler of fresh beer right off the tap is awesome. Having met Paul and his wife Christen, they can’t be better people. Supporting a local business and people like Paul and Christen is a win-win.

My beer inspiration is to get back to perfecting my house pale ale recipe. I was very happy with Fort Dummer, that will be my starting point. I will tweak and adjust the beer until I get it exactly where I want it. As I adjust the recipe, I want to be careful not to overthink it either.

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