Buy my beer! Would-be Brewmaster kits delivered to your doorstep via Kit Lab

Well, you can’t exactly buy my beer. I am not a licensed commercial brewer so I can’t sell my beer. A start-up called Kit Lab will be selling kits of my beer. With the click of a mouse, your favorite Would-be Brewmaster beer will arrive at your doorstep with all the ingredients and instructions you need to brew like me.

I stumbled upon this project a few months back when founder Ryan Sanders was still conducting surveys to determine the viability of the project. I then received an email when he decided to move forward with the project asking me to contribute and what recipes I would share. Initially I volunteered to share two or three recipes. I will only share recipes that meet or exceeded my exceptions like Curly’s Milk Stout and Walk-off White.

I am excited and happy to be involved with this project. This really is a great idea. It can be a pain to try and track down all the ingredients for a particular recipe. When I brewed The Sustenence I had to order from multiple places to find all the ingredients. Even if a shop or website has everything I need it is still easy to overlook an item when you are ordering 20 different things. On Kit Lab you find a beer you would like to brew, click “buy”, and everything you need will arrive in one box. As easy as it gets! If I can start to make a couple bucks off all of my brewing and writing, all the better!

The project is still in the development phase and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to get off the ground. Here is the link for the crowdfunding campaign. There are lots of cool perks to choose from. Once I am back from my beercation after next week I’ll pledge at least $50 assuming I am not destitute when my vacation ends.

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