Learn to Homebrew PArty for PArkinson’s

November 1 is The American Homebrewers Association’s Learn to Homebrew Day. Organized by the AHA, Learn to Homebrew Day is an international event held on the first Saturday of November. Since 1999, thousands of homebrewers have gathered each year to teach friends and family the basics of the homebrewing hobby.

“If you’ve ever had an interest in homebrewing, Learn to Homebrew Day is the ideal way to get started. Brewing a batch with an expert is a great way to get started, which is why this event connects aspiring homebrewers with experienced ones for a hands-on education,” said Gary Glass, AHA director.

November 1 also would have been my grandfather’s birthday. Pa Chalifour passed two years ago after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. Growing up our large extended family would have a gift-swap and Pa would don his Santa cap and hand out the gifts. Last year my cousin Andy and I brewed a special beer in Pa’s honor and served it at our family Christmas gathering.


For this year it made too much sense for us not to brew the beer again on his birthday and to share homebrewing with people new to the hobby. Thus the Learn to Homebrew PArty for PArkinson’s was born. The plan right now is to brew a 10 gallon batch of Pa’s Lager so it will be ready for Christmas. We will demonstrate how to brew and explain every step of the way. We still have time to iron out all the details.

We are going to raffle off a Northern Brewer Essential Starter Kit which includes ingredients for their Caribou Slobber Brown Ale.

Admission is free, the suggested donation is $10, and that automatically enters you into the raffle. Our uncle is hosting the PArty for PArkinson’s that evening at the Beverly/Salem Elks lodge. It is a great event that I probably had too good of a time at last year. The plan is to present our uncle with cash (and a check from Eventbrite where you donate by credit card).

If you are a fan of the blog, and haven’t made the leap into brewing your own beer this event is a great way to see it in action! Plus you get to meet me! Honestly, what could be more exciting than that?

For more information on Learn to Homebrew Day, please visit the Events section of HomebrewersAssociation.org or HomebrewersAssociation.org./pages/events/learn-to-homebrew-day to see a list of other Learn to Homebrew Day events.

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