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Charming Leads Enough in ‘Enough Said’

enoughThere are some movies that are made just to serve a purpose. “Enough Said” was made to be a relatable rom-com for adults. The film stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini (his last starring role before his tragic passing in June) as separate divorced parents who begin to date each other until things become complicated. You know, pretty basic rom-com plot. Nicole Holofcener wrote and directs the film.

When Gandolfini first appears on the screen you are taken back for a second. Not only is he not portraying a mobster, but you realize you are seeing a completely new side to an actor who will never be seen on film again. In his first ever romantic comedy role (one of the few movies where he doesn’t kill anybody, in fact), he plays a tender, lovable ex-husband. While some of his comedic deliveries aren’t as fluid or poignant as they could have been (the fault of either the direction or the new territory), Galdolfini’s last main role is possibly one of his best, simply because it showed his range as an actor.

The rest of the cast is solid. Louis-Dreyfus, a TV star most of her career, has wit in the starring role as a single mom about to send her only daughter off to college. She provides the film’s biggest laughs and her chemistry with Gandolfini is what propels the film beyond the normal clichéd rom-com.

The movie is labeled a romantic comedy but it focuses much more on the romantic drama aspect more than the comedy. There are a few funny one-liners, one solid running gag however some jokes just fall flat or miss completely. Some plot points are never fully explained and some characters randomly fizzle out but what rom-com that is perfect?

“Enough Said” is just one of those movies that isn’t necessarily entertaining, but you are never bored. It is made for a very specific audience, one of which I am not part of, however I can recognize and respect the efforts of the filmmakers, while the chemistry between the lovable Gandolfini and the humorous Louis-Dreyfus holds our interest. And I think I’ve said enough.

Critics Rating: 7/10