New skills you can learn by watching YouTube

We often hear how the internet might be harmful, both to society at large and to the individuals who comprise it. For years, experts have warned that we might be amusing ourselves to death, whiling away the hours engaged in mindless entertainment while eschewing the effort and concentration required by more challenging, productive pursuits. But while these concerns are entirely valid, there is a much more positive side to the internet. The incredible amount of information at a person’s fingertips is unlike anything humanity has experienced before. Just thirty years ago, a person would have had to buy an entire set of encyclopedias if they wanted a wide variety of information available to them. Now, a simple search engine provides more information that an encyclopedia-owner could have dreamed of. Tutorials and how-to videos on Youtube are another great resource, imparting practical knowledge in an easily-digestible form. If you’re hoping to learn something new, Youtube can serve as your teacher. These are some of the best skills to pick up on the internet.


Culinary masters have long shared their expertise on television, and now that same format can be found all over Youtube. No matter what type of food you’re interested in, you’re almost certain to find a simple cooking tutorial online. From something as simple to boiling an egg to the intricacies of preparing a baked stuffed lobster, it’s all there for you to watch and learn. To make cooking easier, you can even use Ontiva to convert a video into an MP3, allowing you to take the recipe or tutorial wherever you go as an audio file.

Playing an Instrument

In the past, the only way to properly pick up a musical instrument was by hiring an experienced teacher. Now, Youtube provides countless teachers free of charge, no matter what the instrument. Guitar tutorials might be the most common, but you’ll also find excellent introductions to the piano, clarinet, and whatever other instrument you can think of. Learning an instrument is never easy and always requires hard work and dedication, but these videos can present the starting point for your years of practice.


When people are asked about a skill they wish they had, drawing is among the most frequent answers. If you are one of the millions wishing your human figures didn’t look so much like aliens, then Youtube tutorials can help straighten you out. With so many videos available, you can choose what type of drawing you like best. You’re bound to be impressed by the results.

Learning a Foreign Language

In a recent years there’s been an explosion of language-learning apps, but despite this trend, Youtube continues to be the best language resource. No matter the target language or level of proficiency, you are bound to find the type of content you’re looking for. From in-depth grammatical explanations to sample conversations, there is a wealth of material out there. Language classes in the outside world can be time-consuming and expensive. Youtube offers an excellent alternative.

Self-improvement and lifelong learning are crucial to well-being and happiness. There is nothing as gratifying as picking up a new skill. With so many lessons and tutorials available on Youtube, there has never been a better time to expand your skill set.

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