Relax Parents: Teaching Your Kids Can be Fun

As a parent, you may be daunted by the prospect of having to teach your kids from home. Rather than thinking you’ll never be any good as a teacher, remember that just by being engaged in life and explaining things to them, you can teach them some valuable lessons. There is also a multitude of online resources that can make learning fun. 

It’s important to give your kids routines and continuity but you also need to make sure their activities offer enough variety. They need time to play games and go outdoors as well as to learn. 

Use everyday moments as opportunities for learning

As your kids help you with cooking and other daily activities, this opens the door to talk to them. While cooking, you can teach them about measuring, chemical reactions and nutrition. Simply watching ice cubes melt in a glass is a chance to talk about gases, liquids and solids. 

Something as mundane as an air conditioner or another appliance that needs repair can provide a teaching opportunity. 5 Star Repair Services Inc. offers AC repair Houston and while their top-rated HVAC technicians do your repairs, you can teach your kids more about energy and the importance of proper maintenance. 

Take virtual field trips

There are many places you can take your kids on virtual field trips. Take a digital tour of the Louvre if they’re interested in art or visit Yellowstone’s Hot Springs or the Mud Volcano for an impressive experience of nature. 

Every kid loves animals and the Cincinnati Zoo is live-streaming animals on their Facebook page every day at 3 pm. There are many virtual field trips that will appeal to your kids and you can choose ones you know will tickle their interest. 

Listen to podcasts

Many educational podcasts offer kids the opportunity to learn. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids is for kids who always ask questions that may not have a simple answer, such as “Why is the Sky Blue?” Each episode deals with questions submitted by kids, usually around a specific theme, and clarifies the questions. 

Stuff You Should Know explains the ins and outs of everyday things and keeps complex topics relatable but is best suited for older kids. 

KiDNuZ is a podcast created by journalist moms that give kid-friendly news, followed by a quick quiz, five days a week.

Create models

Creating a model of working lungs, for example, by using balloons and straws can help your kids to learn about the respiratory system. They can make models of various body parts and learn more about them along the way. 

At this time of Covid-19, you can teach them more about the human body and germs in an age-appropriate way without making them fearful. Even young kids can enjoy using playdough to make body parts. 

Learn to make a Playdough Brain or a Candy Spine to give you some inspiration. You can even play a Human Body Trivia Game to find out how much your kids have learned from making their models. 

Learn science the fun way

There are numerous online resources for learning all subjects but as science is often one of the most difficult subjects to master, here are some resources to help you with science. Bill Nye, the Science Guy’s programs are well worth watching and your kids can even do a science experiment with him. 

The Smithsonian Science Education Center has many valuable resources, including online podcasts, exhibitions and animal webcams. Your kids can learn more about insects or even experience flying around the world in a virtual glider. 

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