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My Favorite Tools for Organizing Your Home Remodel

Organizing Your Home Remodeling ProjectAs I mentioned in a previous post, our household is in the midst an extensive remodeling/redesign effort that includes a series of sub-projects throughout the first floor and exterior of our home. The list of sub -projects includes:

  • Adding trees, plants and hardscapes to the side and back of our property
  • Repainting the 1st and 2nd floor
  • Dining room redesign
  • Great room redesign
  • Powder room remodel
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Installing tile floor in laundry room
  • Installing hardwood flooring throughout the first floor

We officially kicked off the master project last November, and anticipate completing our projects in late 2016. One benefit of tackling this beast of a project is that it provides a ton of fodder for upcoming blog posts!

In future posts, I’ll share all the fun I had with wallpaper removal, how I harness the power of spray paint for redesign, my method for selling home decor that no longer fits in the new design scheme, and how I’ve battled design decision burnout. But first, let’s talk organization.

As you can imagine, there are lots of moving pieces/parts to keep track of when undertaking such a major home improvement project. For that very reason, it is crucial to have solid organizational systems in place for managing it.

Today, I’ll share my arsenal of “Must Have” organizational tools that have allowed me to maintain my sanity thus far during the remodeling process.

Tool #1:  A Binder

So simple, yet so effective at keeping all the paper related to our project in one central location. Of course, I picked a binder that matched the new color scheme of our redesign!

Home Remodel Binder 5
I used Smead 3-hole punched Poly Translucent Slash File Folders and an old set of tab dividers with an index sheet to organize project-related information into key categories, including: Timeline, Budget, Contractor Business Cards, Paint Samples, Furniture/Fixture Sourcing, Project Bids, Plans/Sketches, and Notes.

Home Renovation Binder1
I created the binder prior to beginning our project. As things progressed, I discovered a new tool for managing the project timeline/budget (see below), so those binder sections are no longer used.

Even though I’m a “paper-less” girl at heart, my Hubby is a paper lover. Since we both need access to the remodel information, it just made sense to keep the majority of project information in paper form.  Besides, it makes a lot more sense to view paint colors via paper swatches rather than on the computer!

Home Remodel Binder 3

It’s also much easier to modify a design sketch via the old school paper and pencil method anyways:

Home Remodel Binder 4

Tool #2:  Pinterest

It probably comes as no surprise that Pinterest made the list. I have been using this awesome tool since its inception to curate ideas/information for both myself and my clients.

I’ve created a series of Pinterest boards that serve as a collection hub for my product sourcing options, color palette, and images of “inspiration” spaces.

Having all of the information gathered together in a single board helps me to easily communicate my vision for each sub-project with Dear Hubby, as well as with contractors.

Remodel Pinterest Boards

{Feel free to follow me on Pinterest so that you can checkout all of my helpful organizing boards, and follow along as I complete our home remodel!}

Here’s a sneak peek of my Powder Room Redesign board. It’s so helpful to be able to click on a particular product and link directly to the source to obtain information on pricing, dimensions, customer reviews, etc. Gathering all of of your product options in one place enables you to make side-by-side comparisons, so you can make design decisions faster and easier

(I still need to decide on a light fixture. Vote for your favorite in the comments section!)

Pinterest Powder Room Inspiration Board

Tool #3:  HomeZada

HomeZada is a digital home information tool that helps homeowners organize and maintain all facets of their home. The free version of HomeZada enables you to create a home inventory. Upgrading to a premium subscription gives you access to a universe of additional home management tools, including the Home Improvement project management feature.

Within this module, the Project Inspiration option includes a set of room-specific boards chalked full of great ideas to consider as you design your new space:

Homezada Project Inspiration

You can create a project in a snap by selecting from a menu of common home improvement projects, or by creating your own custom project:

Homezada Create New Project

Here’s a snapshot of my master projects dashboard, which lists the status of each sub-project:

Homezada All Projects

You can specify a budget and timeline for each project. The Project Planning page provides a big picture monthly budget planning tool that lets you know at a glance the funds that are required each month to move forward as planned with your project timeline.

Homezada Project Planning

Within a particular project, you can calculate an estimated budget by creating a list of project items and a budgeted price for each item.

Homezada Project Items

The Shopping Choices option enables you to input a high and low price option for each item, so that you can determine what you can afford, given your budget constraints. Although I haven’t used this function yet, I can see how it can be valuable!

Homezada Shopping Choices

Once you’ve made purchases you can record the items within your project and HomeZada calculates the project cost to date, which you can then compare to your budget on the project dashboard.

Homezada Purchased Items

And every time you input a project purchase, HomeZada asks if you would like to add this item to your home inventory. Brilliant!

Homezada add item to inventory

HomeZada Giveaway!

Do you have a home remodeling or decorating project in your future? I want to help you be successful, so I’m offering a chance to win this great home improvement organizational tool!

homezada Giveaway

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