Marketing Ideas to Survive a Downturn

One of the challenges of a financial recession is handling the stress that comes from it. The key to managing stress is to know how to market your product or service to different demographics. There are lots of types of people out there. Appealing to them is the key to surmounting your financial challenges. Understanding how people process information and using that in marketing is called psychographics. Psychographics is an advanced field of study. It involves categorizing people based on how their brain software operates. If you are a Mac, and your client is a PC, you are going to have some communication breakdowns. Understanding the other person’s operating system is quite valuable. We will go through the four main brain categories to show how you can cater a marketing campaign to them.

Marketing to Protectors

The protector brain is practical and focused on tradition. They love ads that appeal to family and the past. If you pay homage to patriotism, you have won a protector’s heart. In the Myers-Briggs psychological type system, the protector’s brain is that of the ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, and ESFJ. Protectors like to keep their finances in order. Do not expect wishful thinking from them. They tend to have a smart plan in place for how to advance their family’s interests. Developing a marketing campaign should focus on the details of quality and value in the product or service to the wallet of the protector.

Marketing to Rationalists

The rationalist’s brain is a hard one to market to. That is because they see through most advertising as corny and shallow. The rationalist is focused on the cold logic of the purchase. They want to see if it lives up to its claims. Appealing to science, innovation, and technology is one way to win over the rationalist. Market fads are not going to go over as easily. The rationalist’s brain corresponds to the Myers-Briggs psychological types of ENTJ, INTJ, ENTP, and INTP.

Marketing to Empathizers

Empathizers are another hard brain to market to. They like to focus on health and spiritual well being. Placing products that are organic and vegetarian on the menu is a must to attract empathizers. Physical fitness is another important value to them. Having an appeal to wellness in advertising can be useful. The empathizer brain corresponds to the Myers-Briggs types of ENFP, INFP, ENFJ, and INFJ.


Experiencers are easy to market to. They respond well to visual cues and love bold flavors. They are impulsive and like to make credit purchases. Appeals to speed and pop culture are helpful with the experiencer. Beware of portraying something as old-fashioned. The experiencer wants something that is up to date and ready to roll. Experiencer brains are the ESFP, ISFP, ESTP, and ISTP types.


Understanding psychographics gives you a powerful market advantage over competitors. It allows you to make decisions that corner the market and appeal to everybody. Use it by keeping in mind that protectors and experiencers are in the majority of the population. A good way to learn more about psychographics is to do online research on psychological types.