Improving your company’s travel management

Even seasoned frequent corporate travelers are always looking for ways to make business travel easier and more efficient. You will hopefully find some of the tips that have been shared by others to be helpful, productive, and interesting.

You can read about a large number of suggested travel tips that are geared mostly toward business travel that could also be of help for any of your personal trips. Following are some of the best ones:

* Whenever possible, schedule your departures for the first ones going out. That should mean far fewer delays, give you a possible chance for an upgrade, and more assurances that you will arrive in plenty of time for your scheduled meetings.

* Show your loyalty to the businesses you deal with and make use of frequent flyer programs and a travel-focused rewards credit card. Those will give you more of an elite status and will mean amazing benefits as well as upgrades and perks at airlines and hotels. Keeping your expenses limited to using only one or two credit cards also helps tremendously in organizing your expenditures.

* When booking your hotel, assure a better night’s sleep by asking to be away from ice machines, elevators, and any other places that would create noise and too much activity.

* Carry a minimum of 100 USD cash in the local currency if going to another country in anticipation of times when a credit card will not be an option and you need an easy and quick way of paying for something.

* Carry a photocopy of your passport and protect the original and other valuables by locking them in the hotel safe. Take pictures on your phone of your travel itinerary and license.

Ideas on Clothes and Packing

* Check the weather forecast at your destination for the days of your trip so that you can pack the correct clothes.

* Limit your wardrobe to two or three basic colors such as grey, black, and beige that you can vary and interchange to create different outfits. Pack less than think you will need, and you’ll probably not even require all of that. Pack as light as possible and create just carry-on luggage if at all possible.

* Pack only versatile pieces of clothing that will go with those basic colors and which can be layered both as needed for weather changes and for making that variety of outfits.

* Make the clothing as much iron-free as possible to cut down on expenses to get the pieces pressed. Pack dress shirts in the plastic dry cleaner bags, which will minimize wrinkles. When you arrive at your hotel room, that the shirts out of the bags, hang them in the shower, turn on the hot water, and that becomes a steam press!

* When you return home, re-pack the bag with as much as possible so that, before your next trip, all you’ll have to do is add your clothing and any other basics that you have had to use at home between travels.


Favorite tips from other savvy travelers should impart bits of wisdom that can be utilized by you and your business to make the trips more efficient and timely, minimize the expenses, and stick to the company’s budget. It is also always helpful to smooth out some of the rough edges that can sometimes prove to be exasperating and time-consuming. Enjoy your travel experiences!