Four Travel Ideas For Midlife Adventurers

When you want to travel in your middle age, you should think of amazing places to go that will help you have the time of your life. You do not want to wait until you are too old to have any fun. Plus, you should travel around the world using expendable income and vacation days you have built up over time. You might start traveling when your kids go to college, or you could retire early because you want to travel. Divorcees may travel because they feel free, and couples who get married in their 40s/50s can adventure together.

1. Travel To Africa

Africa is a massive continent with many countries you should try. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a wonderful way to brave different terrains to reach the mountain. You can spend weeks traveling up the mountain to different base camps, and you can spend just as much time descending.

If you travel to the Kilimanjaro through Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, you will meet amazing people along the way. When you descend from the mountain, you can travel to the coast to enjoy the Indian Ocean. Plus, there are game reserves in Kenya where you can see African wildlife.

2. Travel To The Big City

If you have not traveled to many big cities in your life, your midlife adventure should include a long stay in a place like New York, Washington, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Get a hotel room in the middle of the city, tour different parts of the city every day, and live as if you are a citizen.

You could travel the globe to do this if you like. Stay in Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Paris, Madrid, Prague, Rome, or other large cities you want to see.

3. Travel To The Coast

A midlife adventure might be a trip to the coast. You can travel to any resort town you want for an extended vacation. You can travel to remote islands in the South Pacific, or you might want to travel to the Caribbean. Some adventurers prefer the sunshine island of Mallorca, or you could stay in Monaco on the French Riviera. Hidden towns like Dubrovnik on the Croatian coast are beautiful, or you could travel to Odessa on the shores of the Black Sea. Some people even travel to the coasts of South Africa or head to Tierra Del Fuego for a cruise to Antarctica.

4. Take A Road Trip

Rent a car and start driving. You can drive without a plan, or you could drive a rental car across the country, across Europe down through South America, or across Australia. When you travel in a rental car, you can arrive at your destination, drop off the car, and fly home. A road trip is easier to plan when you drive one-way across a vast landscape.


The midlife adventures listed above will change your life because you can meet new friends, learn about different parts of the world, and enjoy locations that most people do not see. For example, you can climb to 19,000 feet if you climb Kilimanjaro. You can see untouched coasts, and you can stay in cities that most people never experience. You might find a place where you want to retire, or you could take successive journeys that keep you and your spouse occupied.