5 Things a Family Lawyer Can Do for You

Family lawyers are defined as legal representatives that deal with everything pertaining to law and families. Whenever the family is involved in legal proceedings and needs representation or even advice, these lawyers will come to the rescue. Some of those legal matters include matrimonial, custody and divorce issues. 

The family lawyers help negotiate and come to a reasonable common ground where the two parties resolve the problem at hand. Having a family lawyer can be very beneficial and advantageous for you when their need arises. What all can these legal representatives do for you? Here are the 5 main things they can assist you with.

Representation in divorce matters

Divorce proceedings can be a messy business and without proper legal representation, one of the parties may lose everything. During this daunting period, family lawyers help with advice and representation in the negotiations of property allocation. 

Also, the need of a family lawyer will help bring peace in the divorce settlement since emotions may run too high and cause unfavorable reactions. The family lawyer can act as a mediator in those cases, helping to proceed with very limited scuffles. 

Family law lawyers at Mills & Anderson can help the couple settle their divorce matters without having to go to court and can help you navigate the rough times if the matter goes to the court as a contested divorce. 

Estates and will assistance

In many cases, families have been left displaced because when there aren’t clear wills and estate documentation, they can be vacated from the house they live in. A will would help settle the matter easily if they had a will drafted and signed before the death of the deceased who owned the property. 

The will not only cover assets such as property only but also loose assets like vehicles, jewelry, furniture and monetary wealth. Family lawyers can help draft all that documentation and have it ready for when the signee passes at any time.

Child custody agreement negotiation

Upon separating or going through a divorce, there might be custody disputes and at times, they may be well deserved. If the parent who has custody of the child isn’t treating the child well and has a substance abuse problem, the other one should protect the kid. 

The best way to do that is getting full custody of the child, and that’s where family lawyers step in. Even if the other parent doesn’t have those kinds of problems, both parents still need to have access to the child. If one of them is denying the other to spend time with the child, family lawyers can help settle that disagreement.

Drafting and advising on prenuptial agreements

If a couple likes to be proactive and work on a solution on how things will fair when they divorce or break up, they can draft a prenuptial agreement. The agreement will detail the privileges that either spouse will have in the marriage they are starting. 

Contents of this agreement will vary on a case by case basis and the majority of couples wouldn’t know where to start. Family lawyers help draft that agreement and have it signed by both parties before the wedding.

Representation during litigation

Family lawyers work their best to try and settle all issues outside of the courtroom but sometimes unique circumstances may cause them to for litigation. In that case, family lawyers will represent their clients on anything pertaining to their niche. 

It could be a divorce settlement, custody battle or assistance in fighting for what is rightfully yours in the event of the death of a loved one. Whenever matters go for litigation, family lawyers stand ready to represent either party in the court of law.