5 Fun Hobbies that Keep You in Shape

We all have something we love doing, right? All of us also have various interests. Most of us consider these interests as hobbies to enjoy limited time modern life dictates. But what if we told you that you can use that limited free time to do something interesting and stay in shape? Yes, we are talking about fun hobbies that keep you in shape and make your free time both healthy and fun.

Here is a list of pound-losing fun hobbies that will help you stay or get in shape.


We’ll start with the big guns! Yes, swimming is one of the most useful exercises as it activates almost every muscle in your body. Is there a better way to have fun and build a hot summer body, which lasts the entire year by the way if you have an indoor pool than swimming? You don’t have to become an “Aquaman” and spend hours swimming. A few laps around the pool every third day will do wonders for your health and body. 


One of the oldest and even today’s most popular hobbies is enjoying Mother nature on foot. You can do it once or twice a week, depending on your work and home stuff, and it will be completely enough to feel more agile, healthier, fit, and even younger! Not only that you will refresh your mind while walking the trails, but your muscle tone, bone density, even lung capacity will significantly improve. And, if you want to put in some extra effort, consider adding some weight (more food, water, change of clothing, additional outdoor gear) to your backpack, for even better-looking muscles.


It’s time to take that old bicycle of yours and take it out for a spin. And, if you want to improve both your shape and health, you can turn it into a hobby and start riding your bike more regularly. By more regularly, we mean at least 3 or 4 days a week. Heck, you can even start using it every day for grocery shopping, going to the gym, and cut down on car use. You will do both yourself and the planet a huge favor. 


Imagine fresh mountain air, wind in your face, and going insanely fast on two pieces of wooden boards and two sticks! This is the essence of skiing. But don’t worry, the speed part is optional as slow skiing and enjoying the views also counts as exercising and activates a lot of muscles in your body. Skiing is all about shifting your weight and balance so that you can choose the direction you want to go to. And, while doing all that, your muscles get quite busy, resulting in a nicely shaped body (especially lower body) and great, fun memories. Don’t worry if you never skied before because it’s actually extremely easy once you get the hang of it. Also, there are tons of online tutorials on how to get started skiing. Not to forget, each ski center has professional skiing instructors, so there’s that option as well. 

Horse riding

Not only that you will have one of nature’s most beautiful and intelligent animals as a hobby partner, but your physical shape will drastically improve in just a matter of weeks! Horse riding is one of the best ways to get yourself in shape and become more agile than ever in your life. This hobby will do wonders for your legs because all the muscles will activate as you ride. It might be a bit hard in the beginning, but once your shape improves after a few weeks, you will have a strong body with exceptional balance.