8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Car’s Value

Just because you’ve finally saved enough money to buy a new car doesn’t mean that you should offer your old one to the first buyer you run into. Keep in mind that there are some simple ways to boost the value of your vehicle.

Do Minor Car Repair

Some people decide to live with little annoyances such as sticking door latches and don’t see a need to repair them. However, if you want to boost the value of your vehicle, you will need to invest in small repairs. Remember that you will get much more money for your car if everything is in great shape. Simply by making a small repair, your potential buyers will see that you took care of the vehicle you’re selling.

Provide Service Documentation

Providing service documentation is extremely important when selling your vehicle because it will show your potential buyer that the vehicle was in good hands while it was yours. This documentation should include engine repairs, body or paint repairs, fluid changes, and any other kind of maintenance documents.

Mind Your Mileage

If you’re planning on selling your current vehicle within the next few years, you’ll need to watch your mileage. If you plan on driving long distances, it’s best that you think twice about your transportation options. Your average mileage should be around 13,500 per year. If it’s more than that, then your car’s value may decrease. This is mostly because insurance companies look at the mileage of a vehicle when setting premiums.

Have Your Car Detailed

Having your car detailed will probably cost you around $50, but it may increase the value of your vehicle by a few to several hundred dollars. Keep in mind that your potential buyers will first see the exterior, so it’s important that they get a good first impression. It’s also worth mentioning that certain consumer aren’t that interested in what’s under the hood as long as the vehicle is visually appealing.

Check the Tires

If you have old tires on the car you’re looking to sell, make sure to buy at least an inexpensive set of new ones. If you don’t, then the buyer might focus on the bad tires and decide to lower the price because of that. You should consider replacing your current set of tires if they have less than a quarter of tread life left. In case your wheels are scratched, bent or dented, then you should repair them to increase the value of your car.

Add Tech and Safety Features

A great way to boost your car’s value is to add safety and tech features. Safety features like side airbags and radar cruise control will surely help you get more money for your vehicle. It’s also a good idea to add certain tech features, like a quality audio system. Choosing the best car speakers will make your vehicle be worth more, especially in the eyes of people who value a good audio system.

Keep the Headlights Bright

If your headlights are hazy and dingy, then you probably won’t make a good impression with your vehicle. Considering the fact that headlights are very important when it comes to safety, it’s important to keep them as bright as possible. In case they’re still looking hazy after you clean them, it’s time to let a professional do the job.

Improve the Interior

If your car seats have holes or tears, then you should consider getting some good seat covers. There is no need in replacing the whole seat if it simply has holes or tears. However, if the springs are destroyed, then the best option would be to get new seats. Although you shouldn’t do a complete makeover of the interior, keep in mind that the better it looks, the more the value of your vehicle will increase.