Staying Safe on the Road

Over the past decade, due to stricter regulations, manufacturers have been developing many new methods to keeping drivers safe behind the wheels of their vehicles. However, these developments do not completely remove the responsibility of drivers to ensure that they drive safely for themselves, their passengers, and others on the road. According to Driver Knowledge, on average, there are 6 million accidents in the United States per year. There are many ways that drivers can ensure that they are being safe behind the wheel, and we are here to discuss a few of these ways. By understanding and continually performing the actions, provided by this list, you will continuously improve your driving skills.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Before you even start your vehicle, you will want to make sure that everything is in order. Routinely check your fluids, lights, mirrors, body panels, brakes, and tires. Checking does not take a long time, and a quick walk around your car will allow you to see things that may be broken. Look for parts that are out of place, broken, or seem like they are failing. If you do not know how to inspect your vehicle, make it a habit to take it to a reputable auto shop. Many tire shops, offer free tire inspections despite where you may have originally purchased your tires from. Repairing vital parts on your vehicle, like brakes, when needed, can be the difference between a catastrophic accident or you enjoying your journey.

Use Safety Measures

By law, every car should have fully-functioning airbags. These laws are not in place for manufacturers to make money, but for people to remain healthy when involved in an accident. Laws that require you to wear your seat belt, or drive a certain speed limit, protect drivers during unforeseen events. By utilizing safety measures, such as wearing your seat belt when a vehicle is in motion, or driving sober, you improve your chances of safety by a great margin. For motorcycle riders, these means wearing your safety gear at all times; even when it is hot. In fact, many companies make hot-weather gear for motorcyclists, so that they can remain both cool and safe while riding.

Stay Alert

One of the main reasons that it is illegal to drive under the influence is due to the fact that certain substances decrease a driver’s alertness. It is crucial to stay alert of your surroundings when you are driving. Along with your own driving, you should pay attention to how others around you are driving, and do your best to avoid drivers that are driving recklessly. You will want to be prepared for any situations where you may need to suddenly stop or maneuver; anticipate them.

Pulling Over

If you ever find yourself in situation where you need to stop on the road, try your best to drive your vehicle to the side of the road, where you can safely address the situation; if possible pull over to a parking lot. Ideally, you should remain in your car and try to solve whatever issue you may be having, but if that is not possible then exit the vehicle only when you need to.


Along with insurance benefits, defensive driving courses offer many great advantages. These courses teach drivers how to react in certain situations, how to practice safety, and how to control their vehicles. Although you may believe that you are the best driver in the world, driving courses can improve your technique and any flaws that you have with your driving. If possible, practice driving defensively at all times and learn what is necessary during certain situations. Practicing driving can include going to a race track and learning, from an instructor, how to drive on the course. Additionally, if it is allowed, you can go to an empty parking lot and set up cones to practice car control.


When driving your vehicle, your objective should always be to remain safe; not only for yourself, but for other people. There is never a time that you should be distracted by your cellphone while driving. If you need to answer a phone call, or text, then it is always best to pull over to a safe location until the conversation is done.