Can I Sue If My Old Employer Exposed Me to Asbestos?

When you learn that there are about 125 million people in the world who have been and are exposed to asbestos at their place of work, you realize you may be one of them.

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral and because of its tensile strength and resistance to chemical attack, it was sought after for many applications, from roofing to water supply lines to the automobile industry and much more.

Even small amounts of asbestos cause illness

Some people are reluctant to sue their employers for asbestos exposure, saying that they were only exposed a little bit, but the truth is, there is no safe amount of asbestos exposure. Even small amounts can cause illnesses. 

Asbestos exposure can cause coughing, shortness of breath, respiratory problems as well as cancer. In fact, scientists have linked asbestos to mesothelioma and lung cancer. With illnesses like this, you’re in for lots of medical expenses, and you should be eligible to receive compensation from your employer. 

The fact that every form of asbestos is carcinogenic to humans should cause some alarm to you. Aren’t you one of the many employees exposed to asbestos and what can you do about it now? What are your medical bills, particularly since you have a rasping cough that won’t go away and you seem to be constantly out of breath?

Can you sue your asbestos employer? Yes, you can!

The question now is – can you sue your old employer? You were never warned about the asbestos, so surely that old employer of yours was negligent in providing safety measures to prevent your exposure to asbestos? And the answer to this is a resounding yes!

Employers can’t just treat employees the way they like, and in fact, the law obligates employers to warn and protect workers – keep them safe from injuries and health hazards such as the risks involved with being exposed to asbestos.

You have a case against uncaring asbestos companies

Maybe the company was aware of the dangers and didn’t do anything to minimize this risk. You may well have a case against the employer or the manufacturer of the product containing asbestos. The best mesothelioma lawyers can help you get compensation from such an employer.

With any lawyer, you can’t expect the best outcome unless you go with an experienced lawyer that actually specializes in mesothelioma litigation. Make sure you get a law firm that specializes and concentrates on mesothelioma claims and get all your queries answered accurately. 

The dangers of exposure to asbestos

If a product that has asbestos in it is disturbed, tiny fibers are released into the air and these can get trapped in the lungs, resulting in scarring and inflammation and serious health problems such as lung damage, shortness of breath and coughing.

It has been classified as a human carcinogen. It causes mesothelioma, a rare cancer. Those who become ill from asbestos have been exposed to asbestos on a regular basis.

There are a number of factors that will help with determining how the asbestos exposure affected you. These are how much asbestos you were exposed to, for how long, the chemical makeup of the asbestos fibers, the source of the exposure and your own individual risk factors such as smoking.

Your lawyer takes all this into account and gets ready to fight for you and get the compensation you need for your asbestos exposure. That is why it is so important to find the right attorney – the one experienced in asbestos exposure and mesothelioma litigation. This way, you get justice and compensation due to you. 

As Bitcoin Hits A 2020 High, should you buy in?

When it comes to the future price of bitcoin, it’s hard not to be optimistic. Every technical indicator over the long-term points towards greater growth in the bitcoin market, and the fundamentals for this currency are also quite strong. To further spur on interest in the future price of this currency, many interesting developments are also happening in the financial industry that serve as a clear indication that the future of bitcoin really is quite bright.

While it may seem like you have already missed the boat when it comes to profiting from the virtual currency trend, it would be smart to remember the many times in the past where it was thought that bitcoin was reaching its peak. In reality though, it was really just getting started. Pure optimism isn’t all you have to go on though. In fact, there are solid real world reasons why bitcoin is clearly a tremendous opportunity for investors seeking out long-term growth.

For instance, it has become increasingly common for people to create bitcoin IRA accounts that serve as a reliable place to put long-term savings. In this way, people are not only able to easily add money to their savings account whenever they want, but they are also able to gain from the tremendous increases in value bitcoin has undergone through the years. And the best part is, the longer they hold it, the more valuable it becomes.

As you can imagine, many people are making quite a bit of money by choosing to put their long-term savings into bitcoin, but this currency is also proving to be useful in the short-term as well. For instance, there is an absolute explosion occurring in the number of bitcoin ATMs that may be found around the world. This is a clear indication of a growing demand for bitcoin throughout the world. Not only that though, this also indicates that it’s becoming increasingly easier for people to get their hands on this currency which will undoubtedly further serve to drive demand going into the future.

The most amazing part is that it seems we have yet to even scratch the surface of the true potential of bitcoin. While it may seem that we have already experienced tremendous growth in the value of this currency, the increases which have occurred over the past decade may just perhaps pale in comparison next to the huge gains that could potentially take place in the future.

If bitcoin becomes more widely used through the use of ATMs, this currency will then be accessible to just about everyone. Even an average Joe with no internet experience to speak of can now walk right up to an ATM and purchase bitcoins just as easily as they would get cash from a standard machine. This represents a tremendous change in the overall nature of the bitcoin economy. No longer is it only limited to those in the know. Today, anyone with cash in their pocket can exchange it for bitcoin to immediately begin benefiting from the incredible advancements in price it regularly undergoes.

In fact, there are thousands of bitcoin ATMs located throughout the world. Even places like Columbus, OH have almost a dozen bitcoin locations that make it easier than ever for you to get your hands on some good old fashioned bitcoin. For this reason, many advisers are making buy recommendations to their clients when it comes to bitcoin since it’s just about as good as gold.

10 Things to Do Before You Die

We all have things that we want to do before we ‘kick the bucket.’ It’s what pushes us to live life to the fullest by scheduling every free moment that we have with activities. It’s the voice in our heads that force us to cast fear aside and buy the plane ticket, ask the person out on a date, and pursue a more fulfilling career for ourselves.

If you want to make the most out of this lifetime, getting clear about your goals is imperative. You need to have the things that push your boundaries and rekindle your passions. The short list of ten suggestions of things to do before you die listed here takes you out of your comfort zone and get you thinking about ways to live your very best life.

Try on one or all of the suggestions. By the time you’ve finished with this experiment, you’ve likely added even more bucket list adventures to your list. As a result of this, you’ll be happier, healthier, and feel more alive than you have in years. You’ll have even more incentive to plan out your week, so you’re able to include even more of the things you hope to achieve in your lifetime.

#1: Do Something Daring

Climb Kilimanjaro. Go hang gliding. Scuba dive off the coast of a beautiful island.

#2: Do Something Kind for Someone Else

Help someone afford to go to college. Build a home for someone in need. Donate your talent to a youth organization in need of mentors.

#3: Do Something That Helps You Grow as a Person

Take a class. Attend a workshop. Challenge your current thinking.

#4: Do Some Traveling Outside of the Country

Backpack around Europe. Attend a cultural festival. Visit every country on your choice of continents.

#5: Do Something to Support Someone Else

Be of assistance to them physically or emotionally. Offer to mentor them or be their accountability buddy. Encourage them to check off their bucket list items one at a time.

#6: Do Something Really Good for Your Health

Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Invest in healthier foods and beverages. Finally book an appointment with a nutritionist or dietician.

#7: Do Something Completely Unexpected

Take an adult dance class. Sell your worldly possessions and become a minimalist. Spend time getting in touch with your spiritual side by embracing solitude.

#8: Do Something With a Theme

Visit all 50 states. Explore every national park in North America. Try to catch every game that your favorite team plays at home and away.

#9: Do Something That Makes You Feel Amazing

Adopt a rescue pet. Run a marathon. Give back to the community that supported you long ago.

#10: Do Something That Allows You to Leave a Legacy

Make a sizable donation to the charity of your choice. Have a star named after you. Plant an orchard full of trees.

Make Life More Fulfilling By Creating a Bucket List for Yourself Today

Creating a bucket list makes you more aware of the outrageous things you want to do in your life before you die. It gives your life a sense of purpose and direction. Challenge yourself to check one item off your list this year. Then repeat the action until you’ve done all ten things suggested here. You’ll enjoy a far richer life because you opted to make your needs as a person a priority.

How to Appeal an Insurance Claim Denial

You can’t be blamed for having a love-hate relationship with your insurance provider. Some people see them as a necessary evil because you pay and pay and then when you want to claim, they find every reason not to pay you out. 

When things go wrong like you’re involved in a car accident or in case of health insurance, you can make a claim with your insurer, but what happens when your claim is denied? It seems ridiculous that you’ve got to fight for your rights with these insurance companies, so the question is, ‘when your claim is denied, how do you appeal.

You should find out why your claim was denied, and if it seems ridiculous to you, appeal it. We look at how you can appeal a denied claim.

Check out your insurer’s website

The reason this is so important is that you don’t want to phone your insurance company and complain about something that is made clear and explained on the website. It is a good idea to understand your insurance policy coverage and the claim process. 

If you’re worried that your deadline for appealing the denial is looming while you study your insurance policy, just send them an email telling them that you are, in fact appealing the denial. Inform them that you will be sending additional information in the next few days.

 Review information regarding the claim

Whenever you receive any kind of claim information such as remittance advice, review it thoroughly. You’ll see if the claim was partially paid or paid in full or denied. 

If a claim is partially paid or denied, it should outline the reasons. It should also guide you as to the procedures and documentation required to either resubmit the claim or file an appeal. 

Get legal help

It can be frustrating dealing with your insurance company and you feel you’re inadequate because of a lack of knowledge on how the insurance industry works. Getting money paid out to you may well require the assistance of a lawyer clued up on insurance claims and denials. Lawyers know that sometimes only legal representation will get you your compensation. will help you recover your due insurance benefits by providing details of the very best denied insurance claim lawyers there are for all kinds of insurance policies.

Call the insurer

When an insurance company has denied your claim, they become very quiet and they don’t communicate with the policyholder. And in fact, your phone calls and emails may even be ignored. It’s this kind of behavior that causes so many people to resort to legal options.

Nonetheless, don’t procrastinate – make attempts to call your insurance company and ask them why your claim on such and such a date was denied.

There are several reasons insurance companies deny claims. Some reasons are valid, but most times, they are just trying to get out of paying you. As you talk to the person, be making notes all the time and take down the name of the person you’re talking to. Record your conversation if needs be. 

Collect evidence

To support your appeal, you require some evidence. For instance, if you are appealing a medical claim, get a letter of support from your doctor as well as documents laying out details of your medical condition.

Also, you will need a letter explaining your claim and why you believe the claim shouldn’t have been denied. Your appeal letter should be accompanied by any evidence you have collected, of which you should have made copies for your own reference. 

To avoid any undelivered letters or any delays, make sure to follow the instructions of your insurer about where to send the appeal. 

Four Travel Ideas For Midlife Adventurers

When you want to travel in your middle age, you should think of amazing places to go that will help you have the time of your life. You do not want to wait until you are too old to have any fun. Plus, you should travel around the world using expendable income and vacation days you have built up over time. You might start traveling when your kids go to college, or you could retire early because you want to travel. Divorcees may travel because they feel free, and couples who get married in their 40s/50s can adventure together.

1. Travel To Africa

Africa is a massive continent with many countries you should try. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a wonderful way to brave different terrains to reach the mountain. You can spend weeks traveling up the mountain to different base camps, and you can spend just as much time descending.

If you travel to the Kilimanjaro through Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, you will meet amazing people along the way. When you descend from the mountain, you can travel to the coast to enjoy the Indian Ocean. Plus, there are game reserves in Kenya where you can see African wildlife.

2. Travel To The Big City

If you have not traveled to many big cities in your life, your midlife adventure should include a long stay in a place like New York, Washington, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Get a hotel room in the middle of the city, tour different parts of the city every day, and live as if you are a citizen.

You could travel the globe to do this if you like. Stay in Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Paris, Madrid, Prague, Rome, or other large cities you want to see.

3. Travel To The Coast

A midlife adventure might be a trip to the coast. You can travel to any resort town you want for an extended vacation. You can travel to remote islands in the South Pacific, or you might want to travel to the Caribbean. Some adventurers prefer the sunshine island of Mallorca, or you could stay in Monaco on the French Riviera. Hidden towns like Dubrovnik on the Croatian coast are beautiful, or you could travel to Odessa on the shores of the Black Sea. Some people even travel to the coasts of South Africa or head to Tierra Del Fuego for a cruise to Antarctica.

4. Take A Road Trip

Rent a car and start driving. You can drive without a plan, or you could drive a rental car across the country, across Europe down through South America, or across Australia. When you travel in a rental car, you can arrive at your destination, drop off the car, and fly home. A road trip is easier to plan when you drive one-way across a vast landscape.


The midlife adventures listed above will change your life because you can meet new friends, learn about different parts of the world, and enjoy locations that most people do not see. For example, you can climb to 19,000 feet if you climb Kilimanjaro. You can see untouched coasts, and you can stay in cities that most people never experience. You might find a place where you want to retire, or you could take successive journeys that keep you and your spouse occupied.

5 Tips to Quicken Recovery After a Workout

After a hard workout session in the gym, all of our muscles that we worked over become sore due to the buildup of lactic acid that accumulated. Contrary to popular belief, bulking up doesn’t come in the gym. It comes when we recover. When we lift weights, we tear apart our muscle fibers, and they become bigger when we allow them to heal. The recovery process cannot be skipped and is an essential part of any workout regimen. If you are looking to expedite this crucial process, follow these tips.


Sleep is essential to the body for a litany of reasons, but when it comes to recovering muscles, you will quicken the process. Never underestimate the power of getting a good night’s rest.

Ideally, you will want to shoot for around 8 hours or so, because that will be sufficient time for your body to recover. If you think that your body can get by sufficiently on only 4-5 hours of rest, you may be prone to more injuries down the line. You can’t afford to rush this process. Therefore, you must aim to get the recommended amount of sleep to maximize your next workout.

Drink Protein Shakes

Protein is perhaps the most important substance in the body to help the body repair itself after exercise. After protein is consumed, the body gradually breaks it down into amino acids and is distributed to your tissues as it is needed. Research has shown that drinking protein shakes before or after a workout will help out with post-exercise muscle soreness while speeding up the recovery process.

Eat High Protein Meals

What you eat is also important because your body will not only need protein to help with muscle soreness, but you will also require carbohydrates in order to fuel your workout and provide you with the energy to last the duration. You’ll want to shoot for a 2:1 carbs to protein ratio.

Research has also proven that eating protein right before you go to bed can help significantly with muscle recovery after you exercise. When you wake up, eating a high protein breakfast can also reduce cravings throughout the day. Healthy foods such as eggs, yogurt, oatmeal and lean meats are ideal for a workout diet.

Roll Sore Muscles Out

Circulation can aide in the muscle recovery process. One of the most common methods used to roll sore muscles out are foam rollers, which can break up knots and sore spots resident in your muscles. It also has the capacity to break up scar tissue, which is significant because knots are the main reason why joints and muscles can be sore. Spend a few minutes each day performing this activity and you will find less soreness.


Massages can also help quicken any recovery regimen. You could invest in a deep tissue massager and see how the tactile stimulation can help your muscles feel better. Whether you opt for a percussion massager or getting a traditional massage, it may prove to be highly useful for you.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into recovering your muscles after a hard workout. Follow these tips, and you will expedite your workout recovery greatly.

How To Start Your Own Supplement Company

When you want to start your own company, you need to create a business plan, find suppliers, and work with distributors. Use the tips listed below to build a company that will provide for your family, grow, and remain easy to manage. You can start a supplement company right now, and you can do so without paying a fortune.

You Need A Business Plan

You must create a business plan for your supplement company. The business plan should explain what you will sell, how, and how much you will charge. You should include your website in the business plan, and you must plan for supply charges. You are not making the products on your own, and you do not need to ship everything by yourself.

You Must Find A Supplement Supplier

You must find a softgel manufacturer that can give you good prices and reliable delivery. The supplier that you choose should offer all the supplements you need, and you must find a company that will offer the volume you need. You can start with a small selection of products, and you can use these products to market your business.

If you want to carry more supplements, you must know that the supplier can help you. Do not be afraid to change suppliers if you cannot get what you want. Plus, you should shop for the best prices. If you are overpaying your supplier, you will lose money.

You Should Hire People To Help You

When you start your company, you need to make sure that you hire staff to help. You can hire people who will package your items, and you could hire someone who delivers products to local shops. You could hire someone to manage your website, and you could hire someone to manage your finances.

The people that help you will make the business grow faster because you are not overwhelmed. Plus, you can ask for their input when you want the company to grow. Your employees create a corporate culture for your business that could become part of your marketing plan, and you will never be left to do all the work on your own.

You Should Market Yourself Online

You should create a marketing budget for your business. You do not need to spend a lot of money on marketing, but you should place ads online that will target the right customers. You can capture the attention of people who use supplements, and you can market to people who are trying to lose weight, bulk up, or deal with a dietary insufficiency. You can market every product you carry differently, and you can target everyone who lives in your region.


Starting a new supplement company is easier than you think. You can start by finding a supplier who will sell you the proper supplements. You can set up a website and your social media. You can post ads online, and you can sell to your customers online. Hire people to help you, and grow your company as your profits rise. If you know all the reasons that customers use your supplements, you can target everyone from a bodybuilder to a new mom. You can sell supplements that help people with medical problems, and you can even sell blends that can taken every day.

How Technology is Changing the Way People Trade

In the finance industry, technology has made great strides and has become the cornerstone of some of the processes involved in trading. 

It has affected the tasks involved in trading and how they are carried out and that has helped the parties involved stay competitive at all times. How has this been accomplished? Here is how technology is changing the way people trade:

Improved accessibility

Years ago, trading as an individual entity was a challenging task to accomplish because you had to go directly at the exchange offices to place a trade. The platform of placing your own trade was only available to the select few financial institutions. 

The use of technology has made trading directly for yourself available to individuals and retail traders. Above that, technology has made information that will affect the purchase decisions you make easily accessible. 

Traders have access to knowledge, such as live trading prices and other historical data that is critical in the decision-making process. There are also robots being used to help make trading decisions that do all the tasks on your behalf.

Choosing brokers and service providers

Technology has also changed the way you decide to choose a broker or service provider. Unlike before, traders now look for the features that each broker or service provider has to offer. Their platform needs to come with all the bells and whistles to make your life easier. 

If a financial institution doesn’t have a competitive edge on the technology they use, most traders will avoid that company. For example, a lot of features that were considered luxuries have now become the basic requirements for a preferred trading platform. Because of that, financial institutions have been on a race to upgrade their services to get a competitive advantage.

Flexibility for traders

Undoubtedly, technology has made it more for traders to place their trades at anytime, anywhere in the world. That has helped traders become more flexible with their work because they can conduct research using mobile devices and make decisions based on it. 

Most importantly, traders don’t have to use their desktop, but rather they can use mobile apps that have been released. That enables traders to live their lives to the full but still do what they need to do on the markets without any compromises.

Automated trading

Trading has also been made simple by adding automation into the mix of technological advancements. Traders can now set their platforms to autonomously buy a certain currency, indices or index when it reaches a certain price. They can also set the platform to take their profits when it reaches a certain price and if it drops too low to stop the losses. 

These transactions are done autonomously without any human intervention. If you have planned your trades, you can just set and forget them. That has also made the lives of traders very easy and efficient because they don’t have to be tied to their desktop platforms all day.

Final thoughts

Technology has become very efficient in handling and managing trading accounts because they have automated some processes that would need human intervention. On the other hand, technology has also made information easily accessible to anyone who would like to gain access to it. 

Also, traders can now execute their trades on the go using the sophisticated trading platforms that financial institutions develop and constantly update to be more competitive.

8 Fun Things to do at the Lake this Spring and Summer

Spending time at the lake might bring back fond memories from your childhood, long left behind for other pursuits. Share that magic with your own family by exploring these 8 fun things you can do when visiting a nearby lake this spring and summer.

1. Go on a Nature Walk

For early spring adventures, where the water may be a bit too cold for actually getting in the lake, a nature walk can let everyone explore their surroundings. Experts agree that time spent in nature is good for overall health and wellness. It boosts mood and can help kids learn some important skills.

There are some things you can do to make your adventures more meaningful. Start a nature journal to record what you find. Or, find and customize a nature scavenger hunt template for your area and make it a competition to see who can find the most items.

2. Learn to Paddle

There is a peaceful quality to the soft sound of water pouring off your paddles as your kayak or canoe glides smoothly through the water. Take time to slow down and let your body power some exploring of the lake waters in a blow up kayak. This is a great option if you like the experience without the hassle of storing a traditional boat. They have a fairly wide range of features and limits, so take the time to find the right inflatable kayak for you and your family.

3. Cruise Around the Shores

If you need something with a little more speed, take a boat out for a leisurely cruise on the water. Remember that many lakes, especially smaller ones, will have restrictions on wakes and speed.

4. Find a Rope Swing

There is something timeless in swinging from a piece of old rope to land in the water. Find one near a deep swimming hole, or make your own, to recreate this novel and fun activity form the past.

5. Swimming

Once you land yourself in the water, spend some time getting out excess energy in the water. Swimming is a great cardiovascular activity, just don’t tell the kids they are exercising. Instead, make water time fun with games like Marco Polo, races to the shore, or just hit a beach ball back and forth for hours of fun.

6. Toss Out a Line

A trip to the lake just isn’t complete without someone breaking out the fishing poles. You don’t need anything fancy to be successful. See if the lake you will be going to has a rental counter that can provide the right gear for its native (or stocked) fish.

7. Get Pulled Along

Tubing can take many forms. On a river, you can just move along with the water. At a lake, not so much. It can still be a lot of fun, though. Of course, you can just float along to see where you end up. If you want a little more action, tie it up behind the boat for some high-speed tubing fun.

8. Relax

Of course, you want to leave time for pure, simple relaxation. Bring a book, turn on some music, and just relax as you listen to the sounds of nature and families having fun.

Great Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

Having the opportunity to give is a privilege, but taking advantage of that opportunity also means making sure you get it right. The following are a few gift ideas for those with fitness lovers in their life.

Sport-Friendly Headphones

You’ve probably considered headphones, but there are many types of headphones out there. You could consider the wireless option, usually powered by bluetooth, so that this special person in your life doesn’t have to worry about wires getting in the way of a workout.

You could also look into some washable headphones to help ensure that your loved one can always feel like his or her headphones are clean. What you are going to do is make sure he or she doesn’t already have some headphones before making this choice.

An Indoor Ride

Another gift to consider giving a fitness lover is the choice of staying inside, thanks to a spin bike. An indoor cycling bike can help ensure that your special someone has the choice between going bicycling or staying inside and doing so with an indoor spin bike.

There are a million reasons why someone would choose to stay inside from time to time. Sure, being outside can be fun and refreshing, but sometimes, the night is too cold, or sometimes, it’s too rainy. Perhaps one day your loved one simply doesn’t feel like going out but still wants to exercise, and now he or she can do this.

A Smart Gift

Another good gift to give is a smart watch. There are a number of types of smart watches out there that you can choose if your fitness-loving person doesn’t have one just yet. Some people are good at keeping track of every step taken, which should be helpful, but there are others that do other things, like measure heart rate.

One smartwatch out there can help a person measure the amount of water he or she has had that day. Anyone who loves exercise knows how important water intake is, so a watch that keeps a person hydrated is a worthy gift. Make sure you find out what color watch would be best since it not only has to satisfy what your special someone likes, but it should also be easy to match with the exercise clothes that will be used.

The Personal Blender

Those who know their loved one likes delicious, fresh juice that can be taken anywhere should consider the personal blender. This type of blender makes just enough juice for one person, and the blender or container can be removed and easily taken along anywhere.

The container is lightweight, durable, and very secure, so there is no need to worry about being active with it. This gift is only a good gift if you know that special someone in your life actually makes fruit juice often. If not, then the regular juicer or blender he or she has is enough.

These are just some gifts you can give, but there are many more choices out there, like a water bottle that can squish down to easily fit into a pocket or a specifically designed gym bag. Try to consider what your loved one needs as well as what you think he or she might like.