Comity in Politics

Comity, defined as mutual courtesy or civility, is severely lacking in political discourse. We’re at the point that negative campaigns are so ubiquitous they are accepted as a fact of life. Even in relatively small races (like the one I’m participating in for state senate) are susceptible to pugnacious candidates quick to lob virulent attacks at each other. 

Our country has become so divided across political ideology that it’s difficult to imagine how we’ll ever truly make progress again. Time is running out to address many of the challenges we face and unless we learn to work together, to cooperate and collaborate, there is little hope actually taking the steps that need to be taken.

I fundamentally disagree with my opponents on many matters, including those that are literally life or death issues, but instead of entering the partisan fray I want to focus on solutions to our problems. The election is right around the corner but there is still time to tone down the rhetoric and end the malicious attacks. I encourage both my opponents to take some time and consider how negative campaigning is encouraging the divide that is preventing the progress that we so desperately need.

Our political system might be broken but the only way to fix it is by participating.  Hopefully throughout this election season you’ve come to realize that I’m the one candidate in this race that has the experience, dedication, and integrity to help lead us to a better future but regardless of your political persuasion, please vote on Tuesday.  


My priorities are improving job growth through ramping up the state’s clean energy economy, improving education for all of our children and young people, and stabilizing taxes for low and middle income families. If you have questions or want to know my thoughts on an issue, feel free to email me at, or just comment on this post.

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Bennett For Senate

No matter what, please vote on November 4th.